Refunds Policy

Refund Policy : ( Read me carefully )

In a situation where a code cannot be calculated or sourced for your mobile a refund will be issued, however no refunds been made back to paypal or to your bank account , the credits remain in your account for future use .

Once a code has been provided for a refund to be given against the order the customer must prove that the code has failed to unlock the handset by providing a detailed account on our request of the procedure they used and state the exact error messages they received.

Orders cannot be cancelled once a customer has submitted an order and the code is processing. Refunds are only given when code cannot be sourced or has not worked as detailed in our terms.

To claim a refund against a faulty code the customer must inform us of the faulty code within 48 hours of receipt of their code and instructions. We are unable to provide refunds if the customer does not contact us within this time period.

We do not provide refunds to those customers who clearly do not follow the instructions provided with our codes. Different phones have a limited number of attempts for entering unlock codes, we will not refund your payment if you have already exceeded the number of tries.

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